We’re moving! Sort of…

Building the Accessible Insights blog wasn’t exactly the most well thought-through undertaking of my business life. Seems that while I was struggling to dream up captivating posts week after week, I neglected to dream up the accompanying categories that should be attached to them. thirty posts later, I realized that a little organization probably would have improved the overall readability of my blog. Gee, you think?

(Insert Homer Simpson sound here)

Unfortunately, what I also overlooked was that by not self-hosting my blog, I would be unable to add those really cool plug-ins that everyone is using, also enhancing the blog’s readability. Well, if there was ever an opportunity to remedy that, the time is now.

The entire Insights Empire is being relocated to a new web host. The previous web hosting company suffered from an abundant lack of service, support, accessibility, features or benefits. They did manage, however, to excel at infuriating me with their utter disinterest in my customer satisfaction.

I’m one of those people who tends to vote with my wallet, so it didn’t take too long for me to come to terms with the hassle factor, grit my teeth and decide to move all five web sites, my parked domains, and whatever else was in the junk drawer to another web host. Enter Host Gator. they are the new, only somewhat more interested landlords of the Insights Empire. Actually, to be honest, their service and support have been stellar. they have gone out of their way to make my experience as painless as it could possibly be.

(I would proudly display my affiliate link here, but I can’t find it right now.)

So, while the DNS is propagating throughout the globe (there’s just no end to the jokes that could be made here), I will become a blog grown-up and install the Accessible Insights blog onto the Accessible Insights web site.

While my email bounces like a superball across the digital cosmos and links get disrupted like the Earth’s crust in a subduction zone (sorry, the quakes are on my mind), and my search engine rankings go from 2,837,354 page rank to hovering just above 17 billion, I’m hoping the new and improved Accessible Insights blog will merit a grand reopening. thank you for your patience, and your patronage.




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